'They leave their family to protect ours' - Roslyn thanks firefighters

Once the setting for the TV show "Northern Exposure," the city of Roslyn feels more exposed than ever before.

"I was like 'Oy vey!'" said Mary Wood. "I better pack a bag and get the cat carrier out."

The entire town is now living under a threat of evacuation because of the Jolly Mountain fire.

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"This is Roslyn right in here; the fire lines are going to come down through here," said Brandon Hunt, bartender at the Brick Saloon.

The Brick Saloon posts the latest on the Jolly Mountain fire on its bulletin board inside the bar, an establishment that knows something about survival.

"It's the oldest continually run bar in the state," said Hunt. "Would it be scary to think of it not being here."

But residents have been sleeping easier once help arrived.

"Fire crew after fire crew after fire crew," said Wood. "Just a steady, steady stream from all over the state. It was very emotional. It really was."

Hundreds of firefighters are now working around the clock to keep towns like Roslyn safe.

With school delayed, children gathered in open room near the post office to paint "Thank You" signs that will be posted for fire crews to see in town. A message echoed throughout town, along the route firefighters take to the front lines every day.

"They're coming from everywhere, leaving their families to protect ours," said Rose Weaver, whose two children helped with the painting. "It's nice to show our appreciation for them. It's what a small town is all about."

Firefighters will brief the community on the latest information at the Walter Strom Middle School in Cle Elum, Thursday, September 7 at 6 p.m.