Verify: Are fun size salads for trick or treaters real?



Are fun size salads for trick or treaters real?


No, the photo was originally published as a meme.


Dole- Vice President & Division General Counsel Richard Jacobs


The official countdown to Halloween is on and we know your kids, heck even you are looking forward to the days of leftover candy they’ll get from trick or treating.

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So you can imagine the scare this picture gave people that shows a fun size salad serving as a Halloween treat that hit social media this past week.

People have gone nuts over the little bags. One woman asking "where can I find them? Kids in my neighborhood would love them." And a few others mentioning this will get your house toilet papered and egged.

We all know how important health is, but really? Fun size salads as Halloween treats?

We traced this photo back to this Instagram page, Adam the creator and guess what? He creates memes, even claiming that he’s been voted the #1 meme account of 2018, so we can see why some people would be fooled and think this picture he made could be real.

Dole even got in on the action letting everyone know the photo is fake and poked fun at the idea of further mini products like pineapples and broccoli. Shifting gears, they did post a letter to the meme maker that scolds him for using their trademark without permission but they're not asking not demanding for the photo to be taken down.

So no need to be spooked—your little ones won’t be coming home with this treat in their candy bag since this product doesn’t exist, this post is false.