Seattle School Board: Educators need 'pencils and books,' not guns

The Seattle School Board voted unanimously to pass a three-page resolution. They wanted to take a very public stand on gun safety, especially when it comes to arming teachers with firearms.

The Seattle School Board voted unanimously Wednesday for a resolution to support gun safety legislation, and to send a clear message on its position about arming teachers in schools.

"More guns lead to more homicides. More guns do not make us safer. It increases the risks," said Seattle School Board Director Eden Mack. "Instead we need to arm our educators with updated curriculum, professional development, adequate staffing, nurses, counselors, psychologists. We don't need to put a gun in the hand of our educators. They need pencils and books."

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The three-page resolution voices their support for "sensible gun safety legislation" and for safety programs in schools that do not include arming teachers.

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Seattle Public Schools' superintendent and board met Wednesday afternoon in a work session at district headquarters, where the topic was moved to the top of the agenda.

"Enough is enough. It's time for us to fix laws that are well past time in terms of being fixed. We want students to come to school and be thinking about their future and not worried and fearful about their future. We need them to be able to do, which is to be kids, to learn, and be prepared to be good, responsible citizens as we've seen here tonight," said Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland.

The school board wanted to take a public stand on gun safety in light of the national discussion in the past couple of weeks.

They also endorse and will participate in the student-led March for Our Lives on March 24. This is in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed.