Popular West Seattle coffee shop fights sale

The owners of C&P Coffee have a tall order. They're raising $240,000 after the land owner put their property up for sale.

A popular West Seattle coffee shop's customers are fighting back and pitching in to raise money after the landowner put the property up for sale.

Cameron and Peter Moores have owned C&P Coffee for 15 years. They're tenants at the building and recently learned the property owner is selling the property for $1.25 million.

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The lot is a developer's dream. The property is zoned to build townhomes and it's close to the coveted Rapid Ride C bus line.

On Saturday, the coffee shop's customers starting pitching in, like Ken Schiele and Lisa Esztergalyos, who have been coming to the shop since it opened.

"Our daughter learned how to crawl here in the front entrance area. We've been coming for ages," said Esztergalyos.

The coffee shop is a gathering space for them and so many others. It's a kind of place where locals put family pictures on the fridge.

The coffee shop owners set a fundraiser goal of $240,000 so it could put in a bid against potential developers. It's a tall order.

"Reasonable or not, I don't know, but this an opportunity for myself and my neighbors and we're going to try and take it. We're going to try and do it," said Cameron Moores.

The owners say they have three weeks to raise the money.

As of Sunday morning, they raised $24,000 on their GoFundMe.