Moving out: More people look to leave Seattle than move in, Redfin says

True, Redfin has only been tracking this stat for a year, but for the first time more people are looking to move out of Seattle.

The steady drumbeat of reports about growing Seattle and the tech boom and the desire of so many people to move to the city may have finally met its match, thanks to something we like to call winter.

OK, maybe the darkness and the rain aren’t entirely to blame, but a new report from real estate technology company Redfin provided an interesting fourth-quarter blip in Seattle’s endlessly attractive narrative.

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For the first time, Seattle saw more Redfin users — those shopping for a place to live — looking to leave the area than to move into it. The “negative outflow,” as Redfin calls it, is a first for the city since Redfin began tracking migration patterns a year ago.

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