King County wants to adopt gender-neutral language

Words like 'he' and 'she' would be replaced.

King County is another step closer to removing gendered language from wherever possible in county code. The council passed legislation on Monday to drop words like 'her' and 'him.'

A word like 'workmanship' might be replaced with 'quality of work.'

"The voters have spoken; they want to see the King County Code reflect the inclusive values of our community," said Council member Claudia Balducci. "With this action, we taking the next step to advance King County's values of fairness and inclusiveness by reflecting them in our governing documents."

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The effort started in 2016 when voters approved a ballot measure calling for the gender-neutral language.

The council is now halfway through the process. Two more ordinances will be needed to finish the job. The council hopes to vote on those this spring.