Former Seattle mayor McGinn to run against incumbent Murray

McGinn served one term as Seattle mayor, losing in the 2013 general election to current Mayor Ed Murray.


Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced Monday morning that he will run to get his old job back this fall.

McGinn served one term as mayor, losing in the 2013 general election to current Mayor Ed Murray.

McGinn, 57, praised the city's economic growth. but said it's coming at a cost to taxpayers.

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"The people who helped make this city what it is, made it so attractive, are the people being pushed out by the growth," McGinn said.

McGinn said residents are dealing with skyrocketing rents and housing prices, and said Murray and the city council keep raising taxes that benefit higher incomes and hurt middle and lower income residents.

Murray's campaign released a statement as McGinn was making his announcement to reporters, largely touting Murray's accomplishments but also attacking McGinn.

"We believe that the people of Seattle do not want to return to those bad old days of failed and divisive governance. We look forward to drawing a clear contrast between Mayor Murray's stellar record effective, progressive leadership and the track records of all of the other candidates in the race," the statement read.

McGinn has been a strong advocate for alternate forms of transportation in Seattle, particularly biking. He also campaigned in 2009 against the deep bore tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct, citing the potential for cost overruns. Despite attempts to stop the project, tunneling began in July 2013. After a two-year delay for repairs on the boring machine, Bertha, tunneling was completed earlier this month. The new tunnel is expected to open to traffic in 2019.