Attorneys argue to dismiss lawsuit after Charleena Lyles police shooting

Charleena Lyles' estate had filed a suit saying the officers didn't account for her mental illness and didn't use proper de-escalation techniques.

A judge announced Friday that she will make her decision next week whether or not she will dismiss the lawsuit against the Seattle police officers who shot and killed Charleena Lyles.

The officers shot and killed Lyles last June after they say she attacked them with a knife while they responded to a burglary call at her apartment.

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Lyles' estate filed a suit saying the officers didn’t account for her mental illness and didn’t use proper de-escalation techniques. One of the officers involved was reprimanded for not having a taser on him during the response.

What bothers Lyles' father the most is that three of her four kids were present at the time of the shooting, and an autopsy shows that she was pregnant and one of the bullets hit her fetus.

“Seven bullets, two in the back, her kids were right there,” said Charles Lyles.

Attorneys for the cops and the city are trying to get the case dismissed in part because they believe the estate for Lyles can’t sue the cops for negligence.