Amazon hosts movie night for families in need

The movie night offered those struggling with homelessness or other hardships a chance to relax.

Families from Mary's Place, Treehouse, and FareStart were invited to a movie night Monday. Amazon hosted the event for about 300 people at Cinerama.

Ashely Keith and her three kids were on the guest list. For her family and for others in attendance Monday, they have struggled with homelessness or come close to it.

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A ticket to the movies is a luxury that seems out of reach for many in the crowd.

Keith says it is more than a movie to her.

"It gets us out of the shelter for the night, or at least a couple hours, not to think about you know whatever you are going through or anything like that. It is nice and it is very thoughtful of them to do that for us," said Keith.

After watching three short movies, the kids left with toys.

At the end of the night, Keith's daughter, Tru, said, "I feel amazing."

Throughout December, Amazon has been to more than 30 cities and nonprofits, donating about $500,000. It is part of the #DeliveringSmiles effort, according to Amazon spokesperson Allison Flicker.