Bunnies get married on Valentine's Day in North Bend

The Lindsay family of North Bend would like to announce the wedding of Maddeline Muffafluff Muchesabunch and Harvey Hicklepuff.

A lot of warm fuzzy feelings at a wedding in North Bend on Valentine's Day.

Maddeline Muffafluff Muchesabunch and Harvey Hicklepuff tied the knot in a beautiful and elaborate ceremony.

The bunny wedding is the idea of 10-year-old Emily Lindsay and her nine-year-old brother, Jack. They cooked up the idea a couple of months ago, built the altar, put together the wedding dress and tux and wrote the vows. The wedding went off without a hitch, although the audience of hamsters, cats and a dog had some trouble sitting still.

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Emily and Jack Lindsay, bunny wedding planners

It all started when Emily saved up enough money to adopt Harvey Hicklepuff last spring. But he was lonely, even with the other animals around, so they went out and adopted Ms. Munchesabunch. She was found in a parking lot starving and pregnant.

Emily is a big animal lover so she and her brother do magic shows and chores for the neighbors to raise money for animal rescues. They recently donated $650 to SAFE, Saving Animals From Euthanasia, and dedicated the money to help save lost pets from Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Emily has a Facebook page dedicated to animals, Emily's Animals, if you want to see more. Emily urges you to support animal rescue and adoption in your community.