Meet Trenton

9-year-old Trenton is intelligent and affectionate. He's looking for a forever family.

In this week's A Family for Me, we meet 9-year-old Trenton. He's one of 1,400 kids available for adoption in Washington.

Trenton is fascinated by how things work. He's creative and likes to build things. His favorite subjects are science and math, and teachers say he has a great memory. Trenton is already thinking about what he wants to be when he grows up.

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"Navy, NASCAR driver, a fireman or a police man," Trenton said.

Counselors describe Trenton as lovable and affectionate. They say he loves hugs and isn't afraid to ask for them.

When he things about a forever family, he know what he wants.

"One mom, one dad, maybe three brothers and two sisters and one baby brother. Probably two cats and one dog," Trenton said.

For more information, visit the World Association for Children and Parents website. You can also call (206) 575-4550 or (800) 732-1887.