Meet Jocelyn and Johnthen

Jocelyn and Johnthen have very close sibling bonds. They hope a family will adopt both of them.

In this week's A Family for Me, we meet 11-year-old Jocelyn and her 9-year-old brother Johnthen, who likes to go by Johnny. The siblings have a close bond and have never been apart. They're hoping a family will adopt both of them and give them a chance to grow up together.

Jocelyn enjoys school, and thrives on positive attention from caring adults. She enjoys spending time with her foster family and has fun watching her favorite TV programs.

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Jonny loves to play sports and loves to laugh. Counselors say he's eager to please and also thrives on positive attention from adults.

Both siblings have similar dreams and say them may team up to become veterinarians someday.

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