Meet Darrianne

13-year-old Darrianne is one of 9,000 kids living in foster care in Washington.

Looking at 13-year-old Darrianne, one would never know the medical challenges she's faced. A kidney transplant shortly after birth saved her life. Since then, she's had several medical procedures and surgeries. We first met Darrianne in November 2013. Now, she's a teenager and is still amazing her doctors.

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It's no surprise her closet relationships continue to be with the nurses and staff at the specialized medical residential center where she lives. In fact, she plans to follow in their footsteps when she grows up.

Darrianne's health issues go up and down, so her adoptive parents need to have medical knowledge to help her manage them.

She's a bubbly, vivacious young lady. She hopes her forever family has a sense of humor to match her own.