Olympia rated one of the Best Small Cities in U.S.

Olympia enjoys the sweet aroma of coffee in the park and that makes it one of the country's best small cities according to a top magazine.

Olympia just opened the 'South Sound Coffee Trail' and with that blazed its way to become one of the top 29 Best Small Cities, according to National Geographic Traveler magazine.

Olympia not only did well in the 'Most Caffeinated' category but won accolades in 'Greenest,' as well. The South Sound Coffee Trail recently opened in Olympia. The trail connects three coffee roasters in the area. You can get more information on the trail here.

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The competition was based on a total of 10 categories including:

  • Most Hipster Friendly (coffee shops, tattoo parlors, record shops, vintage stores)
  • Musically Grooviest (music venues, live music, instrument stores)
  • Most Instagrammed (hashtags)
  • Most Artsy (art galleries, art supply stores, art schools)
  • Best Groomed (barber shops, hair salons, hair removal services, cosmetic dentists)
  • Meatiest (butchers, delis, steakhouses)
  • Most Dog Friendly (pet sitting, pet stores, pet groomers, dog friendly restaurants)
  • Sudsiest (breweries)
  • Most Caffeinated (coffee shops)
  • Greenest (parks)

"National Geographic Traveler is a highly regarded publication. For Olympia to be recognized on this scale is truly an honor and speaks to the wonderful local makers that flourish in our community from our local coffee roasters to the farmers market," said Shauna Stewart, chief experience officer at Experience Olympia & Beyond in a news release. "It's no surprise the natural beauty of our destination and the parks in the region garnered us this honor as they are such a treasure to both those that live here and the 1.2 million annual visitors."

The only other Northwest city to make the list, Spokane. The magazine rated it highly for 'Hipster Friendly,' and 'Most Caffeinated.'