Police camera was recording as Kent shooting unfolded

Concerns about public safety continue to grow after a deadly shooting in Kent. Although a police camera caught some of the action, the search for a suspect continues.

There is a growing memorial in Kent for 19-year-old Duane Tyson Junior. He was shot and killed, and two 17-year-olds were injured last week.

It happened near SE 240th Street and 108th Avenue SE. In that intersection, Kent police installed a P.O.D. camera last year. P.O.D. stands for portable observation device, and there is a flashing blue strobe light attached.

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The city has two P.O.D. cameras. Police first deployed the technology in June 2017. The cameras were placed in high crime areas as a deterrent.

When shots rang out on January 31, the P.O.D. camera was recording.

"It has provided us with some information we would not have otherwise," said Commander Jarod Kasner.

Commander Kasner says some witnesses have not been forthcoming. So far no arrests have been made. Investigators are closely looking at what the camera captured, but not releasing the video.

"The reason we can't release the footage is because we are using that to kind of confirm or dispel some of the leads that are presented to us," said Commander Kasner.

The camera raises privacy concerns for some, but at a business not far from last week's shooting, Donita Toquinto sees it differently.

"It is becoming such a problem, somebody has to be seeing what is going on," said Toquinto. "There's not enough officers around to see what is going on."

Police say in addition to the cameras, they continue to work with businesses and apartments near SE 240th Street and 108th Avenue SE on crime prevention plans.