The journey of selling a Seattle home

Real estate agents say Louisa Coughlan is in one of the best positions possible as she gets ready to list her Ballard home.

Coughlan was born and raised in the Seattle area, but after a lot of thought, she decided to move with her boyfriend to the east coast.

Real estate agents say she’s in a great position because she is selling in one of the hottest markets in America, and is moving to a market that is much more affordable.

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Some may not realize that the Seattle real estate market is so hot, realtors are lining up at sellers' doors trying to get the deal to list their home.

Coughlan is just beginning the process, but she has already interviewed 10 real estate agents and brought back several for second interviews. She encourages all sellers to do their homework.

“Make your list of what’s really important to you, and just stick with that,” Coughlan said. “Move at the pace that you’re comfortable with because if you’re fortunate enough to be a seller, you’re in the driver's seat and get to just be patient and the right situation will make itself available.”

Coughlan says despite her good fortune, she will be taking her time to make the right deal because when she purchased her home in 2008, it was a dream come true.

“Other girls may dream about the day they get married, and for me, it was the day that I own a home,” Coughlan said.

Other properties that are comparable to Coughlan’s have sold in recent days for an average of 123 percent of the asking price. Most of those properties took only seven days to sell.

“I feel very blessed that this is the current situation,” Coughlan said.

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