Rogue wave leads to rescue in Ocean Shores

At Damon Point in Ocean Shores, a Thursday afternoon at the beach turned into a rescue effort for Michael and Pamela Ford as a storm brought monster swells to the coast.

Before they left the house, the Fords had seen the warnings about the weather.

"Earlier in the morning, we were watching the news and they were talking about 30-foot swells," Michael said.

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Even so, Michael, who at times relies on a walker and Pamela, decided they wanted to capture the action on camera.

"It's that curiosity I think everyone has," Pamela said.

But while she was recording video of the ocean, she says a rogue wave knocked people off their feet.

"It was panic mode when we saw the couple laying on the ground covered in water. It was just go down and help them get up," Pamela said.

The couple was OK, but another man was knocked down, too.

"He was covered in water and bleeding and he had water coming out of his nose when I got down to him," Pamela said.

They called an ambulance. Fortunately, he only had minor injuries.

"I think during the stormy weather that we have been having, knowing that it was high tide, probably shouldn't have been down as low as we were. We maybe should have been up on higher ground," Pamela said.

The swell forecast keeps waves in the 10-16 foot level as we move into Friday, with a decreasing swell over the weekend.