Priced Out of Moving Up

When Katie and Jeremy Berman started their home search in 2012, they had no children, and the Seward Park/Columbia City area wasn’t even on their radar. But they fell in love with the area southeast of downtown and happily bought their first house – upgrading the kitchen and living room along the way.

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Now, five years later, that part of Seattle is one of the hottest real estate markets in King County, and their family has grown to five: two daughters under the age of 5, and a pooch named Roxy.

While they love their neighborhood, citing the proximity to Lake Washington, the burgeoning businesses, and the number of young families, they are now priced out of “moving up” in their own area, since the value of so many of the homes there (including theirs) has risen tremendously.

Jeremy is a Seattle native – an academic All-American and four-time captain of the tennis team at UW in the late 90s.  He’s now an E.R. Physician, while Katie is a Yoga instructor.

They’re not complaining.  They feel like, financially, they got in at the right time.

And they’re able to renovate, rather than relocate. 
But a change is coming, and their options are limited.