Maple Valley woman escapes California wildfire

A Maple Valley woman found herself in the middle of chaos when the fire first started in Napa's wine country.

A Maple Valley woman found herself in the middle of the chaos in wine country early Monday morning.

She had to make a quick escape as flames moved toward her hotel.

Now safe at home in Maple Valley, it's starting to sink in for Jan Denman.

Her wine tasting trip started on Thursday. She traveled with friends for a relaxing, long weekend, celebrating her 50th birthday. She was staying at Hilton Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa.

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"Two in the morning, we heard somebody running down the hall, banging on all the doors," said Denman.

She said one man was yelling, warning people to get out.

"No alarms went off. There was no emergency lighting. We had our phones, just to find stuff to get out because it was pitch black," said Denman.

She says there was no power, and the flames were raging closer.

"We got our shoes on, grabbed our purses, and ran out the door," she said.

Denman ran to safety in her pajamas. She and a friend were able to drive out of the area.

Now she is able to reflect on her quick escape.

"You see the pictures of the hotel, just burned to the ground, and the only thing that got us out was the guy knocking on the door. It was very surreal," said Denman.

She wants to know why she never heard a fire alarm or saw emergency lighting.

The hotel is owned and operated by Atrium Hospitality.

An email to Atrium Hospitality, inquiring about whether alarms were working was not immediately answered Wednesday.

A Hilton spokesperson confirms Hilton Sonoma Wine Country successfully evacuated all guests and team members.