Local contestants compete in Twitch streaming game show

It's the game show for the digital age - sort of like American Idol for streamers.

A new game show kicks off next week with a familiar theme: The contestants face new challenges with eliminations every week.

But it is hosted by Twitch, the Amazon-owned video streaming platform. Three of the 15 contestants are from the Seattle area. And breaking the mold of the typical Twitch demographic, all three are women.

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The show is called "Stream On." Known for its young male video gaming community, Twitch decided to branch out for the contest.

"People have brought their other passions to the platform to ultimately showcase them and build communities around them," said Marcus Graham, director of Twitch Studios.

One Seattle-area contestant goes by the Twitch username "thaButtress." She asked us not to use her real name to protect her anonymity.

The 26-year-old former Microsoft employee now makes a living building Gundham models and streaming it for her 15,000 followers.

She still chuckles at the questions from her parents.

"How did you make this a full-time thing? How are you building toys and making money? And people are watching you do this?" she said.

Then there's 28-year-old Antoinette, best known as "Banzaibaby." She is a woodworking toymaker who started seeking some company while honing her craft.

"Working by yourself was pretty isolating," said Antoinette. "So I decided why don't I try streaming? What I do is an advertisement for myself and also get that human interaction I wanted and needed."

Sarah, a.k.a. "Suchikuchi," is a 32-year-old mom with some mad leather-making skills.

"I started leather-working because I was stuck at home a lot with a sick kid, so I wanted to have kind of a side hustle," she said.

Each week Twitch will give the 15 contestants a new challenge. Graham hinted what they might be.

"These might include interacting with your community," he said. "Representing your community well. It might also include when you're streaming you might also have to multitask a bit."

Like other reality show competitions, each week will include eliminations and the audience gets opportunities to save their favorite contestant. The grand prize is $60,000.

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"Stream On" starts March 8 at 3 p.m. PST.