Ben There, Done That: Lake 22

This next hike is extremely popular with local hikers. This is Lake 22 and it gets us back to our mossy roots on Ben There, Done That. It’s a perfect opportunity for a day hike. A moderate 5.5-mile round trip hike with an awesome view at the top suggested by Susan Hernandez.

Make sure you head to the trailhead early. This parking lot was almost full by mid-morning on a Wednesday. It wasn’t even a clear day!

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Much of the hike follows 22 Creek. It’s a rocky, sometimes muddy stretch through a forest which includes several waterfall viewpoints.

This past winter a huge tree took out a switchback of the main trail. It takes a bit of skill to traverse, but you certainly gain respect for how big these trees actually are.

After a walk in the woods, the trail breaks out into open talus. From this vantage point, you can see across the valley, and several mountain peaks come into view. Use some caution as this is the rockiest part of the hike, and some boulders may still shift some.

A short while later, you’re back in the woods, and the first snow starts to show up. Right around the next corner is Lake 22. The lake is surrounded on three sides by towering cliffs obstructed by clouds. The water is crystal clear and has an almost greenish hue to it.

It’s here where you can sit and ponder life’s important questions, like “Why do they call this Lake 22?” Seriously, who came up with that? Is there a Lake 23? These are questions best left unanswered.

Right now is perfect for enjoying the view, having a quick lunch, then turning around and heading back home.