Accusers react to news that Seattle mayor won't seek re-election

Reactions to the mayor's announcement from two men accusing him of assault. 

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will not run for re-election this year. He made the announcement Tuesday to reporters and supporters during a press conference.

The mayor's announcement comes after four man came forward saying Murray abused them sexually in the 1980s.

Below are reactions to the mayor's announcement from two men accusing him of assault.

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Jeff Simpson

I’m mixed. There are mixed emotions. I forgave Ed a while ago. It was the only way I could make it.

It makes me very upset the names he’s been calling me. It takes me back to those times he was abusing me.

I’m sorry for Seattle. He seems to be a champion for causes that run close to my heart. However, the problem is that he raped me when I was 13. As good a politician that he pretended to be, these are people whose lives are ruined. I can’t forget that.

He needs help. I don’t wish this on anybody. I don’t want to hurt him. Even for what he’s done to me.

I hope he can find the strength to apologize and seek forgiveness for what he’s done.

Delvonn Heckard

Q: How do you feel about the mayor deciding not to run for re-election?

A: Delvonn feels like this is one step towards justice and achieving his cause of spreading truth. This did not start about the Mayor’s fitness for office. It was only after the Mayor started attacking the victims (and lawyers) did it become the prerogative to stop the false narrative by all means necessary.

Q: How do you feel about them they are deciding to stay in office, at least for now?

A: The Seattle Times reported on a thin-blue wall of silence. If the Mayor is not fit to run for re-election, the public and elected leaders must evaluate if the Mayor is fit to remain in office. The Mayor abused his power trying to slander these victims (and lawyers), and is therefore unfit.

Q: Did you watch the press conference today about him announcing that he was not going to run for reelection? What are your thoughts about what he had to say?

A: The Mayor has indeed accomplished much good for the community, including fighting for gay rights. This entire situation is unfortunate. Had the Mayor not abused his power by slandering these victims using his official office, it might have been possible for him to run for reelection. Delvonn, a gay man, never considered the Mayor’s actions from 30-years ago necessarily a disqualifier. Delvonn regrets the pain this situation caused to Michael Shiosaki and others.

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Q: What do you want to see happen to the mayor?

A: Moving forward, Delvonn’s goal is, and always has been, to speak truth to power in order to make other victims strong. The public, and elected leaders, must decide if the Mayor can remain in office. The Mayor abused his public platform for selfish purposes. Delvonn also wants his day in court.

Q: What do you think about the mayor's “legal defense fund?”

A: It is unlawful and morally wrong. This is not a right-wing conspiracy. Therefore, it is legally against Washington law. The Mayor may have started the false narrative in order to use campaign funds to fund his childhood molestation defense.

Lloyd Anderson

“Ed Murray, you know who I am and what you did. At least admit it to yourself. Resign. Tell the truth. It’s the right thing to do. I forgive you.”

This story will be updated as we are able to gather more statements.