Seattle Children's Better Babysitters program trains future baby sitters

Seattle Children's Better Babysitters program offers hands-on training and tips on how to care for children.

In this competitive job market, extra education can make the difference in landing a job, even if it's baby-sitting.

A special program at Seattle Children's hospital is training the next generation of baby sitters. When you are old enough to baby-sit, it's a great way to make money and learn job skills, and Seattle Children's Better Babysitters program does just that and might even teach parents a few new tricks.

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"If you can clean up your room faster, then I can clean up my room, then we can watch a show," Carly Walsh, Better Babysitters instructor, said as an example.

This is just some of the advice Walsh, who is also a member of the marketing and communications department at Children's, gives to her young students.

For over 20 years on any given Saturday or Sunday, over 40 kids are exposed to the knowledge they'll carry with them for a lifetime. The Seattle Children's Better Babysitters class is held regularly throughout the Puget Sound region for girls and boys between 11 and 14 years old. It's a comprehensive six-hour course covering everything about babysitting from being responsible to what rate you should charge. They even cover child development and what ages and stages kids are at and what kind of activities are appropriate. And of course, it offers a range of hands-on training including how to properly hold a baby to changing a diaper.

Emergency medical training is not included with this class, although they do teach students about safety and injury prevention.

It's a $45 investment, that could amount to a big return from parents who need some extra help or a night on the town.