Standing desks in class can help students focus

Many teachers are using different methods to keeps their students focused, yet allow for movement. One school is trying standing desks - and it seems to be working.

In Miss Conway's second-grade class, students are zoned in. They are engaged, yet they are always moving.

"We have students with all types of learning styles. Lots of kiddos that need to get up and move. That have difficulty with math and reading-writing," says Angela Conway, a second-grade teacher.

The Meredith Dunn school teaches students with learning disabilities, sometimes addressing those needs with the simple process of standing.

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"In some students, sitting takes all their focus," says Conway.

Then in 2016, the school was awarded a grant for Marvel Focus Desks. They tested out three desks, and Conway says she's thrilled at how her classroom transformed.

"By giving them the opportunity to stand up... it gives them some movement that they need to help them pay attention and focus on the task at hand," Miss Conway said.

So if the teacher spots a student tapping or fidgeting, they may get a request to stand, something they seem to enjoy.

"It kinda helps me learn a little, gets my feet going," says second-grader, Tyler Hall.

And standing isn't just for the little ones. To tackle 5th grade math, sometimes standing helps.

"If I just sit down, I get really moody just because I have ADHD and stuff," explains 5th grader, Laila Holt.

Every 5th grader has a standing desk, and they decide on their own when they need some movement.

The standing has also led to other methods of movement; they use finger rotating cubes or even play with putty.

But while bodies are moving, their eyes are still focused on the day's lesson.