90-year-old Utah man shares his secrets to aging well

George Sturt, 90, is looking forward to another birthday. He'll even share his secrets.

You'd never know that George Sturt just turned 90 as he waltzes around the ballroom dance floor. Or you might catch him at the gym during his twice a week workout with a trainer.

And not to let the mind lay dormant, he enjoys Sudoku, a number puzzle, every day.

For Sturt, it's all about staying active: mind, body, soul.

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"I try to just enjoy discovering things all the time. I never stop discovering things," said Sturt.

Because he has artificial knees and a fused back, his workouts are low impact.

"He's always ready to work, always willing to try anything," said Dawn Brown, Sturt’s personal trainer.

They focus on balance and coordination through resistance training and strengthening core muscles.

Sturt is a widower, but he stays curious and hasn't lost his zest for life.

"He hasn't given up I think is the biggest thing. I think sometimes as we age we succumb to life and life's challenges, and he has not given up, and I love that about him," said Brown.

Sturt takes time to relax and enjoy family and friends, but his ultimate wisdom can't be found at the gym.

"Love is the most important thing that we can have as an attribute. To be loving and kind and forgiving,” Sturt said.

Experts recommend older adults keep exercise moderate and avoid exercises that cause dizziness or pain.

But feel free to tackle all the Sunday crosswords you want.

Sturt will continue loving, doing and searching for his next adventure.