Former Kent school employee accused of sexually assaulting student

The former officer worker is accused of sending a student text messages with sexual content.

A former Kent School District employee was charged Thursday with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old, who was a Kent-Meridian High School student at the time of the alleged incident.

Kristal M. Gamble of Olympia, 33, is accused of giving the student oral sex and exchanging text messages with the student that contained sexual content.

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“The defendant clearly violated her position of trust as an employee at the school by her criminal acts,” Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Nicole Weston wrote in probable cause documents.

Time stamps show Facebook and text messages between Gamble and the student occurred from April 2017 through August 2017, according to documents.

The student told police that initially the messages were about school and her wanting to be his mentor. However, “a lot of flirting began to happen between the both of them,” according to documents.

He told police they met up outside school once and went to a water park in Kent where Gamble gave him oral sex.

Gamble told police she has an on-going history with alcohol, which results in having sexual conversations she cannot remember. Gamble told police while she does not remember messaging the student, based on her history, she probably did, according to documents.

Gamble was an office worker at Kent-Meridian. However, she did not work with the district when the allegations came to light, according to the Kent School District.

The district said they are working with police on the investigation.

Gamble has been charged with rape of a child in the third degree and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.