Giant wave throws woman across room in Lincoln City

A giant wave crashed into beachfront condos, pushing one woman across the room. Damage is extensive.‬

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. -- Giant waves crashed into several beachfront condos at the Sea Gypsy Motel in Lincoln City Thursday morning.

Condo owner Lynn Bott was watching the waves from her first floor unit when one of the biggest waves crashed through her window and sliding glass door.

“The wave came up, washed out the window, the patio door, washed me across the room and I hit the counter which stopped me,” said Bott, who wasn’t injured but went to the hospital as a precaution.

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Photos: Storm damage in Lincoln City

“Those waves were bigger than I've ever seen!” said Kimberly Hitchcock, a manager at the Sea Gypsy rentals. “That wave came out of nowhere and just kind of obliterated all of us!”

The waves flooded six units with water, sand and broken glass. Bott, who was visiting from Minnesota, said she and her family were given an upstairs condo to stay in during repairs.

“It's going to be a lot of work,” said Bott, who focused on gratitude. “We were all safe, I was thanking God that no one had gotten hurt.”

Damage at Sea Gypsy Motel, Kyllo's Seafood and Grill and Sandcastle Beachfront Motel was expected to be more than $1 million, according to North Lincoln Fire Rescue.

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