Tidying up this Spring? Be Sure to Include Your Heater!

Ah, springtime. After a long, awful winter, it’s safe to say we’re all grateful for spring’s lukewarm embrace. While we all gear up for BBQ season by getting the house and yard in tiptop shape, don’t forget about your heating system. Spring is the perfect time to maintain your heater, after a long season of use, and before it goes totally dormant for the summer. Doing some basic maintenance is easy but, if you need a repair or you just don’t feel confident, call South West Plumbing. In addition to plumbing, they offer maintenance and repair for gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning units, boilers, radiant heating, water heaters and more. The best way to avoid needing a repair, is to properly care for your heating system. This helpful springtime heater maintenance to-do list will give you some simple tips to treat your heater right.

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Change your Filters

Do you know how often your in-line air filters need to be changed? Do you know when the last time you changed yours was? Some filters require changing as often as once a month. Check out yours, and if it looks dirty, remove and replace it. Mark your calendar, or the filter itself, to remind yourself when you changed it. This will help you stay on top of replacing filters in the future.

Clean and Inspect your Condenser Unit

One thing is for sure, with all that snow, rain, and sleet, the Pacific Northwest has had one muddy rainy season. All the mud, branches, leaves and other debris from harsh weather, can clog up your heater’s outdoor component, known as the condenser unit. Spring is the perfect time to give your condenser unit a thorough cleaning. As you clean, look around for any potential problems: loose or broken tubing, frayed wires, clogged fans, etc. Your heater may have been functioning but just not at full capacity. With severe weather behind us, now is the time to identify any potential issues and get them repaired.

Maintain your Water Heater

Water heaters last about 8 to 12 years, depending on the usage and model. Look at your water heater’s base and check for moisture and rust. If you see either, it may be time to replace or repair, so do yourself a favor and call South West Plumbing! It’s also a good idea to drain your water heater periodically to purge any sediment that’s accumulated in the tank. That’s especially true if you have hard water.

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Inspect your Home, Inside and Out!

Springtime is the perfect opportunity for starting fresh, so lay a new set of eyes on your home’s heating system and check for any potential problems. The best practice is to check out your heating system thoroughly once a year while inspecting every part. This will save you money and headaches in the long run!