Five Tips to Save Money and Water This New Year

Every year millions of Americans vow to save money for their New Year’s Resolution. There are countless ways to save money, and spiffing up your home plumbing is one. Not only will you decrease your water and energy bills, but you’ll help maintain, and in some cases even increase the value of your home as well. So don’t be afraid to call South West Plumbing and help get your New Year’s started right by making sure your home is watertight. Don’t let money leak out of your pipes in 2017.

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Schedule Maintenance

Have you ever had a leaky pipe seriously damage your home? If so, didn’t you wish you’d spotted that leak sooner? Maintaining your home’s plumbing with semi-regular checkups from a certified plumber can help spot potentially expensive issues before they become full-fledged disasters. So if you own a home, especially an older one, budget for maintenance, and maybe you won’t have to spend so much on repairs later on.

Insulate Hot Water Pipes

With the cold season here, and colder than ever, there’s never been a better time to insulate your hot water pipes. The money you save on your energy bill each month will be well worth the cost of installing insulation over time. Call South West Plumbing and get a quote! It might be more affordable than you think.

Spot and Repair Water Leaks

Any forgotten leaky faucets in your home? What about underneath the sink, checked the pipes down there lately? It’s the New Year, so ring it in by making sure all the pipes in your house are running smoothly, and not wasting water, and ruining cabinets and walls.

Replace Older Toilets

Nothing will make your water bill, or your blood pressure, rise faster than a running toilet. Aside from the irritating and seemingly endless sound, the running means more money each month to utilities, and less for savings. So ditch your old running toilet, for a newer more efficient model. You can even get a tax credit to further save money. Even if your old toilet is not running, the water saving toilets will be well worth it.

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Make Sure Your Basement is Draining Properly

A big challenge many Pacific Northwest homeowners experience in this rainy region, is basement flooding. How many horror stories have you heard about families opening their doors after being on a tropical vacation, only to come home to a gray Seattle, and a basement 3 feet deep with murky flood water? Avoid that altogether by making sure your basement is draining properly, and if not, installing a sump pump pit, or whatever else needs to be done.

Clean Your Drains

One thing every homeowner can count on? At some point, your drains will clog. So before that happens, take advantage of a special offer from South West Plumbing for $25 off drain cleaning. Save money on the avoided repairs, and on the service itself!