Ciscoe's 7 things to get your garden ready for spring

The countdown to spring is on! Ciscoe Morris shares what you need to do to get your garden spring-ready.

Here's seven things to get ready for spring

Plant Lenten roses and cut back established ones.

flowers of a blue forget me not, pink roses have flowering in a garden on flower bed. colored flowers blossom in park
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Remove old fronds from ferns.

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Plant peas and lettuce and other cool season greens.

Rows on the field. Agricultural landscape in the summer time
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Prune summer flowering shrubs such as rose, spirea and hebe.

Flowers tulip dwarf beauty nature plant spring
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Give spring care to unsightly Heucheras (coral bells).

Bronze and amber foliage of heuchera "Marmalade"
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Mow the lawn.

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Mowing or cutting the long grass with a green lawn mower in the summer sun
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Remove newly germinating weeds before they go to seed.

Removing a weed from the lawn. Grass maintenance and gardening chores and jobs.