Avoid common interior decor mistakes

Interior desinger Michelle Dirkse explains the typical mistakes that are made when decorating and designing a room.

Mixing up your space? Make sure to avoid these common interior decor mistakes!

Interior Designer Michelle Dirkse explains the typical mistakes that are made when decorating and designing a room.


1) No planning for layout or budget:

Measure a room to plan your furniture layout and their sizes. Mix scale and proportion. Use a combination of heights and sizes. A small room doesn't necessarily need only small furniture. Mix substantial usable furniture with smaller accent pieces if you have a smaller room. Write a wish-list of items you'll need to complete a room and create a budget for each item so that you're sure to be able to achieve a complete look. Don't forget to shop at different types of stores and within your own home.

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-Fabric and rug line by Michelle Dirkse with flowers from The Stemmery

2) Neutrals without contrast:

Even when using neutrals it's important to have contrast. Mix up textures and materials.

-Sculpture by Edward McCarthy

3) Accessories and Collections scattered throughout the room:

Create vignettes of objects or collections rather than scattering them around a home to highlight their importance and create a focal point.

-Candelabra by Souda, bowl by Sarah Stokes available at Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

4) Artwork hung too high:

Artwork should be hung at eye level and create a relationship to the adjacent pieces. Never hang art as tall as the top of the door trim.

5) Entire matching furniture sets:

When the bed, dresser, nightstands and chairs all seem to be from the same collection and the same line, it makes for a boring room. Shop at different stores to be sure to get a mix of of materials and style.

6) Paint color:

Test paint to make sure that's not too saturated and to make sure that it works with your home's lighting.

-Samples by Benjamin Moore from Mallory Paint Supply

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