Wenatchee's Pybus Market wins "Best Farmers Market"

Pybus Market is a newly restored landmark in Wenatchee that some call Pike Place East.

Pybus Market was selected Best Farmers Market by voters of the Pacific Northwest in Evening Magazine's 2017 Best Northwest Escapes viewers poll.

East of the mountains and historic downtown Wenatchee, piano music greets you at a warehouse full of merchants.

"It's a sense of discovery and a little getaway for everybody," said winemaker Victor Palentia from Jones Of Washington.

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Inside Pybus Market

Welcome to Pybus Market, a newly restored landmark named after a legendary steelworker.

"E.T. Pybus was a blacksmith in Wenatchee in 1911, and he grew from a humble blacksmith shop into a steel manufacturing company," said Mike Walker.

Walker and his wife, JoAnn, were instrumental in turning the abandoned building into a public market.

"Mike likes to refurbish things, and we were going back and forth from the gym, and he saw this old building, and he was terrified that someone was going to tear it down," JoAnn Walker said.

Instead, the Walkers helped build it up with a multimillion-dollar investment.

"We did this on a roll of the dice. We didn't know if it would be accepted or used," Mike Walker said.

He readily admits that Seattle's Pike Place Market inspired a few of the final touches.

"Certainly, did you see the big red sign out there," he said, referencing the neon public market sign at the entrance to the market.

Pybus Market

Pybus Market is a place to sit, sip and enjoy a meal with friends or get everything you need to cook an exotic dinner at home.

"We have pheasant, duck frog legs, a little bit of everything," said Mike McKee from Mike's Meat And Seafood.

And there's plenty of shopping too, including the Northwest's only tractor store with everything John Deere.

From a steel skeleton, Pybus Market took hold, and it's popularity has never been stronger.

Pybus Market
(509) 888-3900
3 N Worthen St
Wenatchee, WA 98801