'Sparkles' Uber takes passengers on bedazzled rides

Ryan Hazy is a karaoke singer who designed the 'Sparkles' Lyft (and Uber) car.

The saying 'it's about the journey, not the destination' is one Ryan Hazy takes quite literally.

"I get thumbs up a lot,” the Lyft and Uber driver said. “People love it, it's different, it's unique."

His car, known as “Sparkles,” is bedazzled beyond belief - from rhinestones on the dashboard to a sparkling light-up phone charger in the backseat.

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"I have a candelabra, I have two chandeliers, I have flowers on the dashboard,” he said.

Hazy also wears a sequined coat and bow tie. But he doesn't just look the part of flamboyant entertainer.

He is one.

“Usually, when I welcome people into my car I welcome them with a little song or ditty,” he said. "'Be Our Guest' from Beauty and the Beast is the first song that I sing, to welcome them to the car."

Hazy serenades his customers using a large catalogue of songs, but he specializes in Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin.

A longtime karaoke singer, he thought blending both worlds was a natural step.

"There's a lot of evil and hatred in this world. And bringing sparkle and joy and happiness and making people smile means that I did my job,” he said.

You can follow Hazy on his Facebook page.