How these cosplayers transform into characters from their favorite video game

Aliya Matthews of the 405th Pacific Regiment, a prominent Halo community, transforms her garage into a workspace to build high-tech costumes based off their favorite video game.

"My whole house is a nerd haven. It's just the way I like it," said Aliya Matthews, who's garage has become a haven for Halo cosplayers.

Ashley, Josh and Jacob hang out at Aliya's place as often as they can.

"Much more than a garage, it's really become kind of a community workspace where everyone gathers together and we just make cool stuff," Aliya said.

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It's sometimes high-tech, and sometimes just good elbow grease. But it's always a spectacular tribute to their heroes from their favorite video game.

"It's awesome. It's pretty indescribable, the feeling you get putting on this literal suit of armor that's instantly recognizable to something that so many people love."

Aliya opens her home as the Battalion Commanding Officer for the 405th Pacific Regiment.

"Right now, I am Huntress, which is my Spartan designation name," she revealed.

During the day, Aliya sells insurance. But what she really loves is transforming into these characters from the famous game. She's been making her own costumes since she was a teenager.

"Each costume is kind of like a different part of my personality," she said. And now she shares her hobby... and her garage.

A lot of thought goes into creating each intricate piece.

"We look at a picture and we go, 'OK, how do we make this real? How do we take this from a computer screen and bring it right here, to real life?'"

They of course attend conventions like Emerald City Comic Con and PAX West, but also work with Microsoft for game releases and charity events.

"Kids will come running up to you and they're just so excited to see something from their favorite game literally brought to life in front of them," Aliya said.

It's a bunch of foam, plastic and paint... But for Aliya and her friends, it's a transformative experience.

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