Hotel or Hostel? Rethinking lodging in Portland

Portland is redefining low-cost lodging with a Poshtel!

Portland is redefining low-cost lodging with a Poshtel!

It can feel like a swanky hotel or it may have your rethinking what it means to stay in a hostel. At the Society Hotel, they call it a Poshtel!

The Society Hotel G.M. Jacob Halverson says, “Still wanna explore, but maybe can't do that five-star resort. So they get that experience hopefully, that's what we try for here. But at a better value”

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The hotel's been around for more than a century.

“Our building is the Mariners building. It was built in 1881. It was lodging for sailors and at that time it acted as a safe haven,” says Halverson.

Owners rescued this dusty, derelict space and transformed it from a place where the Frisco Kid left his mark in 1934, into a classic hotel/hostel combo.

“A sailor lived in that space. Y'know we found the amount of rent written on the walls,” says Halverson. “And you can feel that. It feels lived in, which is nice.”

You can have your own space with your own bathroom or you can hop into hostel mode. A conference room became the bunkroom with a couple dozen beds!

“So you'll notice the privacy curtains on both sides and also at the top,” says Halverson.

You also have access to the stunning rooftop terrace and the inviting cafe on the first floor.

The rooftop terrace at the Society Hotel in Portland.

“We're excited to offer experiences that exceed expectations because our guests book at such a great value with our price points and our rooms, that with that a reputation or an expectation is a lower standard,” says Halverson. “But for us, we try to push and push and push that standard.”

The ambiance does indeed raise the bar.

“So as we were doing our seismic upgrade, we discovered these under the columns and come to find out they're original foundation,” says Halverson. “Everywhere we could, we reused it. Yeah, the private room doors from 1881 are now our backsplash for our reception desk.”

The backsplash to the reception desk is made from the hotel's private room doors used in 1881.

Even the bunkroom tags are the original room numbers from the 1800's.

“This is what a hostel in the United States looks like,” says Halverson. “Y'know, let's make it as great as we can?”

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The Society Hotel

203 NW 3rd Ave

Portland, Oregon

(503) 445-0444

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