Experience Ethiopian jabena coffee at Cafe Avole

Cafe Avole brews coffee that is steeped in culture and community.

With their Ethiopian coffee and community-centric values, Cafe Avole is the busiest coffee shop in Rainier Valley.

Part of the reason it's always so busy is due to the fact that everyone loves the owner Solomon Dubie. Dubie used the run the Rainier Mini-Mart in the same location, but his mother, who roasted her own coffee beans at home, inspired him to make the shop into what it is today.

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And although coffee is nothing new to Seattle's culture, Ethiopian Jabena coffee is a different way to experience the beans.

Jabena is a coffee ceremony that is a key part of everyday culture in Ethiopia. It starts with a handmade clay pot. Coffee grounds steep at the bottom, and the end result is a really strong cup of coffee.

The ceremony begins when the first taste of coffee is offered -- it's called the "avole," hence the name Cafe Avole. And traditionally, the entire pot is shared among friends and then brewed up to three more times.

So gather your friends and head to Cafe Avole to gather over Jabena coffee.

Cafe Avole, 3350, 6630 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118, (206) 359-1271

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