Dog parkour brings out the best in your best friend

The canine/human sport to be on display this weekend at the Seattle Dog Show

Climbing walls, jumping on furniture, bouncing all over the place are generally considered bad dog behavior... but not in dog parkour!

"My dogs love it as much as they love agility," says dog parkour trainer Tegan Moore from Temerity Dogs.

This new canine sport encourages your best friend to go on, over and through everyday objects. Tegan's dogs Vesper and Reckless do handstands, stand on wobbly ladders and rebound off walls.

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"Dogs that are timid can gain confidence. And dogs that are already bouncing off the walls learn how to focus and work with their person."

Tegan teaches classes at University Canine Learning Center.

She and Reckless will demonstrate dog parkour at this weekend's Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show at CenturyLink Field Event Center.

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