Comedian Retta talks about her new miniseries Good Girls

Retta spoke with KING 5 Evening about the new series Good Girls.

The second episode of a new NBC miniseries airs tonight right here on KING 5.

"Good Girls" is a comedy-infused drama that's part "Thelma & Louise" with a bit of "Breaking Bad." Retta, one of the stars of the series talked to Evening via-satellite about the show. Below is a transcript of the interview.

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Bryan: So for people who didn't catch the first episode what's "good girls" all about?

Retta: "The show is about 3 moms who feel backed into a corner when it comes to their financial situations, and decide to take things into their own hands and rob a grocery store. And it doesn't turn out the way they expect it. We actually end up stealing way more many than we intended, and as a result, get caught in this illegal, money laundering scheme. We end the episode with a cliffhanger, and if you haven't watched it, you should watch it. Because it's very stressful and it's dark, but it's fun."

Holcomb: Speaking of fun, how was is working with your two fellow co-stars, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman?

Retta: "It was great working Christina and Mae. Just before shooting the pilot, we had met for drinks with two of our Executive Producers. And later, Christina said 'You wanna get dinner?' So the three of us went to dinner, and we drank wine, and we just got each other. And we closed the restaurant and Christina was like 'You wanna come to my place?' so we went to her house, drank more wine. And then… well it was a long night. It was a great night!"

Dever: Now that's the way to get to know each other. Retta, the miniseries is called ‘Good Girls’, but have you ever been a ‘bad girl’ and stole something in real life?

Retta: "I remember when I was 10, I stole a crossword puzzle from a grocery store and my godmother drove me back to the store and gave me money to pay for it. But yeah, I've stolen some Splenda from Starbucks but it's out there. It's for us to take."

Dever: "Well we're all guilty of that, but a crossword puzzle? At least it was an educational game."

Retta: "I'm also a dork. Not only am I a scardy-cat, I'm a nerdy dork."

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King: Well you're also hilarious too. Retta, thanks for your time and we look forward to watching the rest of Good Girls.

Retta: "Thank you!"

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