Space Needle seals Seattle time capsule to be opened in 2062

The time capsule won't be opened until April 21, 2062, the Space Needle's 100th anniversary.

The Space Needle sealed a time capsule Monday morning that won't be opened until April 21, 2062 — the Space Needle's 100th anniversary. 

More than 100 items were tucked inside for nearly 43 years.

Among the items are rare Nirvana vinyl records, a list of names being considered for the new NHL Seattle hockey team, baseballs signed by Mariners legends, and a special bottle of Washington wine. However, the Space Needle decided to keep some of the items a secret until it's opened, only unveiling certain contents of the time capsule.

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The first five items were placed inside back in May, when the time capsule was unveiled: 

  • Set of Forever stamps
  • Single share of stock
  • Poster signed by Pearl Jam
  • Mini Seahawks helmet signed by Walter Jones
  • Twinkies

The capsule, which is made of stainless steel and aluminum, weighs more than 160 pounds, is 16 inches wide and stands 42 inches tall. 

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