BONNEY LAKE, Wash. — Donald Eismann Elementary school in Bonney Lake has perfected the domino effect. 

The school is celebrating a successful fundraising effort that was wildly popular with kids and filled the shelves of their local food bank. The staff and students wanted to build upon an idea they attempted a year ago.

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Principal Bobbi Snyder said just seeing students happy again is reward enough.  

“Every student in this school knows what they did and the impact they had on the community and I think that is a win,” Snyder said.  

Last year, the school collected over 2,500 boxes of breakfast cereal and set them up in a dramatic domino chain around the school. Assistant Principal Brett McDaniel said they expanded upon the idea to give the kids a bigger thrill and more incentive to embrace the spirit of their cause.  

“The domino is a metaphor for one act of kindness and the chain reaction that act can have on our school, community and world,” McDaniel said.

The third graders organized the event as an extension of the leadership program. More than 5,000 boxes of cereal were collected.

Before the cereal was donated to Bonney Lake's food bank The Market, the boxes were setup like dominos, snaking from the front office, down the halls, into the library and through the gymnasium. The chain reaction lasted a few minute. 

Students celebrated their success by picking up every box and loading them into the food bank van that was waiting outside. It was filled to the top in minutes. A bigger truck showed up to collect the rest of the boxes.  

The school said their record attempt was so successful that they’re reaching out to the Guinness Book of World Records to invite them to attend and certify the effort next year.  

The Bonney Lake Food Market has seen a 700% increase in demand during the pandemic and the elementary schools donation will make a significant impact.