SEATTLE — Your trash can is often a breeding ground for germs and can attract bugs and rodents. Cleaning your trash bins can prevent them from becoming a health hazard. 

“It’s very important to get your trash can clean,” said Rickey Joy, Co-CEO of Northwest Eco Clean. “We’re dealing with different diseases like salmonella and listeria. You have maggots. You’re attracting different rodents to your trash can. And who wants to touch the trash can? Here at Northwest Eco Clean, we’re going to handle that for you.”

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The equipment on the Northwest Eco Clean trucks sanitizes, deodorizes and washes trash cans. All of the waste is self-contained. Water wash and build-up stays on the truck to be disposed of properly, so none goes in storm drains or grass.

Cleaning your trash bins yourself can expose you to harmful chemicals and leave a great deal of bacteria behind. The curbside service provided by Northwest Eco Clean eliminates 99.9 percent of the bacteria in trash bins, removes offensive odors and uses 25 times less water than manual cleaning. The service also uses Green Certified cleaning products and prevents pollutants from reaching our water sources. 

Joy is a first responder and started the business with Co-CEO Martez Johnson to protect the health and well-being of their families, friends and neighbors. 

“I think it was very important to educate and make people aware of how this service can benefit you and the community on saving our water and saving our storm drains,” Joy said. “Just go online and fill out the request form, and we’ll do all of the dirty work."

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