Web site lets women get money for their bad romantic memories


by TRACY DAVIDSON / NBC 10 Philadelphia


Posted on March 3, 2010 at 4:59 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 3 at 5:03 PM

Love, romance, and jewelry seem to go hand in hand - until the romance is over. Then, all too often, that piece of jewelry is a bitter reminder of what was. Now, however there's a Web site that lets women get money for those bad memories.

After Jodi Pines' marriage ended, she couldn't stand to look at her engagement ring. "I'm like, 'Why am I holding onto this, when it doesn't have any meaning to me and it has bad juju?'"

That's when she found "outofyourlife.com." It's a Web site that sends you a box, you send  back your jewelry  and "outofyourlife.com" sends you a check.

"OutofYourLife.com serves a woman who is tired of looking at that heartbreak jewelry each time she opens her jewelry box to get dressed each Saturday night," says Jamie Bright Forman, OutofYourLife.com's spokesperson "It was a heartbreak of years ago or something of last month. It's time to break up with his jewelry too."
The company gets everything from heart-shaped jewelry to engraved pieces. Be it rings, designer necklaces, gold, silver, diamond, stones, they take it all.
When Jodi Pines sent in her jewelry, she says she was happy when she got a $4,500 check.
"I definitely got a handbag. I definitely got some clothes for a future career and ya know half of that money went to paying a portion of my daughter's camp," Pines said.

Jodi says it was definitely cathartic for her. And, apparently, other women who feel the same way actually include notes in their boxes with the break up jewelry.
"And a girl will write, 'Thank you for taking him off my hands.  This was never forever and always," Bright Forman. "'Ya know, this blank- blank cheated on me and here's what I'm gonna do with him.'"
Jodi says outofyourlife.com worked for her because she wasn't comfortable going the pawn shop route and she didn't want to go into a local jewelry store or see her ring on someone else.

A few details, if you're not happy with the amount of the check you get, you have ten (10) days to return it and get your jewelry back, no questions asked. And, the box is automatically insured up to $500 but you can buy more insurance if you want.