Super Bowl is over, but cleanup has just begun




Posted on February 7, 2011 at 2:17 PM

ARLINGTON- Signs of the Super Bowl are slow to come down at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Monday morning, construction crews began taking down all the barricades at Randol Mill. Workers were also busy peeling away the NFL logos off the stadium.

While crews are cleaning up outside the stadium, fans are cleaning up at the NFL Shop.

Super Bowl items are being sold for half price.

"I have some terrible towels, I have a hat, some t-shirts, still the Steelers," said Tricia Flood, a Steelers fan from Georgia.

Packers fans were also loading up on memorabilia.

"The Packers won and I don’t know what to say," said Steve Peloquim, Packers fan.

Peloquim and his wife Becky bought a few t-shirts for family, friends and even the boss back home in Seattle.

Other fans came back to the stadium for one last photo opportunity.

"I’d like to tell Jerry that he has a beautiful facility, but next time get his tickets right," said Malcolm Nelson. "Other than that, it was great cause the Packers won."

Nelson said he had so much fun at the game and party afterwards, he forgot to take pictures!

While fans have trouble leaving Super Bowl XLV behind, crews have plenty to cleanup before the game becomes history.

There is still a lot of trash in the area to be picked up and all banners have to be removed.

Super Bowl XLV officials said this was a "greener" game than those in the past. Crews have promised to recycle waste and even donate leftover food.