Red-tailed Hawk chick hatches on KGW Raptor Cam


by Eric Adams / KGW


Posted on April 15, 2010 at 10:54 AM

Updated Thursday, Apr 15 at 10:54 AM

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Red-tailed Hawk egg hatched on Wednesday afternoon as viewers from across the nation and Portland watched live.

The first of three eggs laid by a pair of Red-tailed Hawks nesting in downtown Portland hatched about 4:05 Wednesday afternoon, live on the KGW/Audubon Raptor Cam.

Paul Kenney, a news employee watching the bird's nest from KGW Studios, was first to spot the new chick and announced the first birth in the newsroom.

Kenney said he watched as one of the adult red tailed hawks got up to shake out its feathers just long enough for Raptor Cam viewers to see the chick crack through.

Within moments the adult hawk, identified by one viewer as the male, moved back over the three eggs.

Viewers across the United States, from Florida to Albany watched.

"While Dad was rearranging the eggs I could see a little one pecking at that hole with a tiny beak," user mattsmom said. "Wait till your mother gets home!"

Bob Sallinger, the Audubon Society's bird expert, said when the sun comes up on Thursday, viewers may see that a second egg has hatched as well - if the adult moves off the nest to give everyone a clear view. He said just before nightfall Wednesday, it looked like fresh cracks were appearing in a second egg.

"Interestingly the first egg last year also hatched on April 14th, So she is on virtually the exact same schedule as last year," Sallinger explained in his online blog.

"What an amazing event occurring just over our heads! It is a reminder that we should look up more often. In fact, our yards and neighborhoods are full of birds going through the very same process," Sallinger added.