Music video shoot prompts concerned calls to Seattle Police



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Posted on March 10, 2014 at 10:32 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 11 at 6:01 AM

It was a concerning phone call that quickly caught the attention of Seattle Police: a man with a rifle, hiding out on a rooftop and ready to shoot.  It's also something you might see in a movie, or in this case, a music video.

The incident happened at about 1 p.m. Monday, on the rooftop of an apartment building located at Ninth Avenue and Madison Street.

Officers went to the rooftop of The Madison Apartments in response to several concerned phone calls. When they arrived, Seattle Police say that as many as six suspects were on the roof, carrying rifles and handguns.

They were also dressed in tactical gear, and one was carrying two ammunition magazines and a rifle.  Upon closer inspection, police say they were able to determine the weapons were very realistic-looking replicas, and were being used in a music video the group was shooting.

Neighbors watching it unfold and snapped pictures from their high-rise windows in nearby buildings.

KING 5 spoke to the woman who lives at The Madison Apartments and ultimately gave her rapper friend, Suntonio Bandanaz, access to the fire escape that leads to the building's roof.  She said she had no idea the music video he'd be shooting involved guns or violence, and feels badly about what happened.

Suntonio Bandanez' manager told KING he'd moved to another location to continue shooting the video after police asked them to leave the location in First Hill.

Seattle Police issued the group a warning and encouraged them to contact the Seattle Office of Film and Music, to get a permit before shooting begins.  That way, neighbors and police can be notified, so they're not caught off-guard by any music video shoots.

A spokesperson for the Seattle Office of Film and Music confirmed a permit was not issued for this particular music video.