Minor infractions causing major problems on roads



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Posted on March 1, 2010 at 9:35 AM

SEATTLE -- The Washington State Patrol is warning drivers that some minor infractions are causing some major problems on our commute.

Improper lane changes, speeding, texting while driving - the Washington State Patrol say these little things make up for some, if not most, of the reasons we're stuck in traffic.

"In King County where we have the highest volume of traffic, people cutting across the gore points, or people who don't use their turn signals and cut people off," said Trooper Tina Martin, WSP. "It can cause road rage and people start hitting each other."

For instance, when cars try to get on the freeway, some use their signal while others don't. Crossing through or before the gore point is illegal.

So what is a gore point anyway?

"The gore point is the white lines that you'll see when you are coming from an on-ramp and it helps you merge on to the freeway safely," said Martin. "It's clearly marked and you're not supposed to cross over, they guide you on to the freeway."

In one instance, a driver not only crossed through the gore point, but also crossed through two lanes of traffic, which could have caused an accident. In another instance, an accident was caused on I-5 near at the Tacoma Dome by an unsafe lane change.

Trooper Tina Martin shares these simple rules for motorists to help avoid problems on our highways:

"Be courteous, keep safe following distance, use turn signals and obey the speed limit," she said.

Just using a turn signal and slowing down a little will save you time, money and the aggravation of sitting in gridlock.