KING 5 poll: Growing opposition to state income tax; Growing support for repealing taxes



Posted on October 5, 2010 at 6:57 AM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 5 at 5:40 PM

As the election gets closer, KING 5 tracking polls suggest voters are getting more reluctant to raise taxes.

State income tax:  Bill Gates Sr.'s commercials are on all the airwaves, trying to persuade voters to approve Initiative 1098, starting a state income tax on individuals making more than $200,000 (couples earning more than $400,000) to pay for education and health care.  Compared to our last poll in August, the same number of people in our new poll told SurveyUSA they intend to vote yes.  However, as people make up their minds, the "no" vote is up six points.

August 30, 2010: Certain Yes 41%, Certain No 33%, Not certain 26%

October 4, 2010: Certain Yes 41%, Certain No 39%, Not certain 20%

Repealing state taxes: The beverage industry has poured millions of dollars into Initiative 1107, to repeal taxes the legislature passed earlier this year on soda, bottled water, candy and some processed foods.  Compared to the income tax initiative, the opposite trend is occuring--as people make up their minds, they are leaning "yes."

August 30, 2010: Certain Yes 42%, Certain No 34%, Not certain 24%

October 4, 2010: Certain Yes 52%, Certain 29%, Not certain 19%

Two-thirds vote:  One more indicator that voters are reluctant to raise taxes is Tim Eyman's initiative 1053, which would require a two-thirds vote of the legislature to raise taxes.  It remains ahead in our latest poll, with 56% saying they intend to vote yes.

Green schools:  Are voters willing to continue a sales tax on bottled water to pay for energy efficiency projects in schools?  Our SurveyUSA new poll finds 45% say no, compared to 28% yes on Referendum 52.

The number of undecided voters remains high for all these initiatives and millions of dollars are being spent to sway opinions.  Expect some movement in the final few weeks.