Long-lost love rekindled on Facebook 50 years later




Posted on July 29, 2010 at 3:15 PM

It's funny how life works. The start to what seems like just another regular day can change with the click of a mouse. Just ask Melody Longino. For her it happened on May 11, 2010 with a glance at her computer.

"My friend was sitting here and I said 'Move. Move. Move now!' She looked like, 'what is a matter with you?'" said Melody.

It was a notification from Facebook. A friend request from William McCrary, a name Melody had not heard in more than 50 years.

"I said 'Are you William E. McCrary from Marrero, like in the 50s?' He said 'Yes. Can I have your e-mail address and your phone number if you don't mind?' I was like 'okie dokie,'" said Melody. 

It's the same giddy feeling Melody felt back in 1957. She was on a Greyhound bus to Texas when a handsome 17-year-old Marine got on - the same Marine that's sitting next to her now.

"It took me one stop to get the courage to sit with her, but I did," said William, who goes by Billy.

"At Shreveport I got my first sugar," said Melody, "and by Dallas I had a bunch of sugar."

But that sweet taste of sugar was gone before it could even set in.

"He left to go on to California and I went up home. We kept in touch for a couple years by mail and we went our separate ways. We were young," said Melody.

Eventually, Billy ended up in North Carolina, Melody stayed in Baton Rouge, each moved on with their lives without any contact. Until a little red icon changed everything.

"I seen this little search bar up top of the screen and I says 'hmm, lemme try it,' and bloop there she was," said Billy.

"He called me that night and we talked for hours and we talked for hours ever since then," said Melody.

It didn't take Billy long to head south for what would be only the second time the two have been face-to-face. After 53 years, the two have a lot to catch up on, but one thing has stayed the same.

"We look different and time has changed things, but I still have that special feeling in my heart every time I look at him," said Melody.

So next time your heart is aching, remember the story of Melody and Billy. And remember your first love might just be your last love too.

Billy and Melody are trying to decide whether to stay in Louisiana or move to North Carolina.