Chef shares prize-winning chicken recipe


by Elizabeth Berman

Posted on April 8, 2010 at 10:04 AM

Updated Thursday, Apr 8 at 10:04 AM



Breast of Chicken in the Style of Morengo
Serves 2
1 Chicken                      
1 qt Chicken Stock            
6 oz Mirepoix                     
1 oz Shallot, minced          
1/2 oz Garlic, crushed           
1 oz Concasse                    
1/2 oz Tomato paste              
6 Grape tomato             
3 Beach mushroom       
1/2 oz Truffle                        
3 oz Brandy                       
Salt and white pepper to taste                          
Fabricate guinea fowl, set aside both breasts. Cut cage and wings into pieces.
Carmelize mirepoix in pressure cooker, sear bones, deglaze with stock cover and simmer for 30 min. Strain and reduce.
Sear guinea breasts, add mushroom, shallot and garlic deglaze with brandy add stock, tomato paste and concasse. Simmer. Finish with truffle and grape tomatoes.


Renton Technical College culinary student Emily Wallace competed against three other candidates in the American Culinary Federation's Western Region Student Chef of the Year competition in Albuquerque and was named winner. Now, she'll prepare for the national competition in California in August.

Here is her competition-winning recipe, which you can make at home tonight!