A look back at Aaron Reardon's career




Posted on February 21, 2013 at 6:19 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 21 at 9:25 PM

Aaron Reardon was just 27 when he was elected to the state legislature in 1998. Four years later, he became a state senator, getting almost two-thirds of the vote. But he held onto that four year position for only one year.

In 2003, Reardon ran for Snohomish County Executive.  He was accused of misusing campaign funds. The charge turned out to be false. After a hotly contested race, Reardon became Snohomish County Exeucutive by a 3 percent margin at the age of 32.

He ran the county as a pro-business Democrat, catering to the county's largest employer, Boeing. But he also tried to attract new business.  In 2004, a high profile pitch to bring a NASCAR track to Snohomish County got a lot of attention but in the end, the track wasn't built.

In 2011, a county employee and former high school girlfriend revealed she and Reardon had a six year extra-marital affair.  Tamara Dutton told KING5 News she often accompanied Reardon on trips where he used his county credit card for personal expenses while doing little county business.

"He told them he had a migraine and told me to meet him in the lobby," she recounted in 2012. "I did, and we hopped in a taxi and went and did our thing."

No charges for misusing public funds were filed against him following a State Patrol investigation.  But just this week, one of Reardon's staff members took the blame for making harassing public records requests targeting various county employees who cooperated with the State Patrol's investigation.

Yesterday (Wednesday),  the Snohomish County Council took away Reardon's control of the county's computer and records management system, concerned over the harassing records requests.  Reardon's resignation, which he says will take effect May 31, won't stop the Council's effort to get to the bottom of the records requests.

"I think we are still moving forward, looking at either a state agency or private investigation to look at some of the allegations that were made," said Councilmember Dave Somers, a Democrat.  

 Reardon's current term would have ended in 2016. Because Snohomish County has a three-term limit for most offices, he would not be able to run for re-election.